Seven By Seven is a collective project by Jean Pierre Muller in collaboration with Robert Wyatt, Nile Rodgers, Terry Riley, Archie Shepp, Mulatu Astake, Sean O’Hagan and Kassin.

Formed in 2008, the group has engaged in a free flow of ideas ever since, leading to 2012’s stunning 7x7th Street event at Summerhall, Edinburgh, which involved an intimate gig by Archie Shepp, appearances by Nile Rodgers and Robert Wyatt and a colourful, life-sized, walk-in installation housing the 7×7 sound scupltures.

After an extended run at Summerhall, the collective is now ready to bring the 7×7 experience to a wider audience and, as paragons of their own genres, they aim to work with the world’s most prominent curators and venues to create exciting site specific events in any number of forms, which will include live performances by the artists and offer a joyful visual and auditory experience for the public.



At Summerhall, as part of the Edinburgh Festival, an exhibition by Jean Pierre Muller, exploring through sound and images, the meaning of seven, in collaboration with seven legendary musicains: Robert Wyatt, Archie Shepp, Sean O’Hagan, Mulatu Astatke, Kassin, Nile Rodgers, Terry Riley.

Summerhall first opened its doors for the Edinburgh Festival in 2011 and quickly established itself as one of the most exciting and daring arts venues around, presenting a wide-ranging programme of theatre, visual art, film, dance and literary events in ten uniquely inspiring spaces. It’s the largest venue in Edinburgh and, housed in the old ‘Dick’ veterinary School, is also a veritable local institution.

It seems very apt that 7x7th Street should find its home here, in a place where two apparent opposites, Science and Art, have come together to great effect. The 7×7 project is nothing if not a tribute to the interdisciplinary, epitomized by the number seven, which is an integral and oft recurring motif in science, nature, literature, mythology and mysticism.